how to fly with a baby

Flying with a baby is often stressful. However, there are ways to make it easier. If you want to reduce the stress and make things more pleasant for you and your infant, then you’ll appreciate these practical tips. They are designed to help you keep your baby content, occupied, healthy and happy during the flight.

1. Bring Antibacterial Wipes Along

It’s easy to get sick on a plane. There are germs on pull-out trays and elsewhere. To keep your baby safe, bring antibacterial wipes along and then use them regularly. Wiping your infant’s hands routinely will be a good way to reduce the risk of illness.

2. Bring Alone the Right Baby Gear

There are handy packing lists online for moms, dads and caregivers who plan to travel with babies. When you choose the right packing list, you may go through the list while you’re filling your suitcase and/or carry-on bag. What you decide to bring in your carry-on baggage will be important, particularly if you’re going to be on a long-haul flight.

3. Consider the Possibility of Delays

Delays are a fact of life for many travelers. Don’t assume that you won’t get hit with annoying delays while you are traveling with your baby and plan accordingly. For example, will you have enough diapers and formula (or access to new baby supplies) if your flight is delayed?

4. Bring a Baby Seat Alone

Holding your baby through a whole flight will get very tiring. For this reason, it will be smart to bring a baby seat along. You’ll be able to take a break from holding your infant sometimes.

5. Bring a Changing Mat with You

A lot of planes have changing tables available, but they may not be super-sanitary. To make sure that you’re changing your baby on a clean surface, bring your own baby changing mat and then lay it on the table before you place your infant on top.

6. Book the Right Seats

Babies do best in bulkhead seats which aren’t in exit lanes, so be sure to book this type of seat before you fly. When you do, you’ll find that you have more room for yourself and your baby during the flight.

7. Understand the Airline’s Rules

Before you fly, it’s best to know the rules. For example, you should know that you’ll need to put your baby on your lap during takeoff and landing. Some people put their babies in cloth carriers. This is fine, but baby will need to come out during takeoff and landing and be held by you.

8. Car Seats are Good Travel Seats

If you’re budget-conscious, you should know that you won’t have to buy a special seat for your baby. You may utilize the car seat that you already have if it will fit in a plane seat. There are ways to economize while flying with a baby and this is one of them. So, measure your car seat, look up plane seat dimensions and then bring the car seat along if it’s the right size.