flying while pregnant
Before you book a flight while you are expecting, you should consult with your doctor. It’s best to get the “all clear” from a physician before you decide to take a flight. If you do get approval from your doctor, we recommend following these helpful tips. When you do, you may find that flying while pregnant is a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

1. Bring the Right Snacks

If you want to feel good while you’re pregnant and on a plane, pay a lot of attention to your diet. The right snacks, including unsalted nuts and granola bars, will be much better choices than junk food. Don’t count on airlines to have what you need. Instead, plan for a great trip by gathering healthy snacks before your flight.

2. Stay Away from Foods Which Cause Gas

Pregnant women are prone to gas and avoiding foods which trigger bouts of gas on flights will help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed while you’re in your plane seat. Examples of foods to avoid include veggies such as green peppers, broccoli and carrots. Beans are also triggers. While these foods are great in terms of nutrition, you’ll benefit from avoiding them before and during your flight.

3. Stay Away from Salt

Plenty of salty snacks are available on flights and at airport shops. Since you’re expecting, we think you should take care to choose low-sodium or no-sodium versions instead. For example, skip the potato chips and salted nuts. Go for unsalted nuts or a type of fruit which is great for your digestive system (such as a nice red apple!).

4. Wear Compression Hose

Compression garments, such as maternity hose, will help you to avoid swelling as you fly. These garments are snug, but generally quite comfortable to wear. You may find these health care accessories at maternity clothing clothes and at stores which stock health care accessories. They are also available online.

5. Consider Wearing a Sea-band

Sea-bands are wristbands which prevent or eliminate the nausea which is linked with morning sickness. These wristbands come with plastic beads which place pressure upon a certain acupressure point, which is P6. While you’re pregnant, the movements of the plane may trigger motion sickness, even if you normally don’t experience it.

6. Try to Avoid Long-Haul Flights

Being pregnant is often an uncomfortable experience. For this reason, we don’t think that it’s the best time to take a long-haul flight. If you need to travel a long distance, consider a layover which gives you a chance to take a break and rest before the next leg of the journey. It’s all about going easy on yourself.

7. Drink Lots of Pure Water

Flying is really dehydrating. When you’re pregnant, you need a lot of fluids. Airline staff know that drinking tons of water is important. When you travel, bring a portable water bottle along with you which you may fill up on board and then drink plenty of pure water during the flight. If you’re worried about needing to urinate a lot, consider booking an aisle seat. It’s easier to get to the washroom when you are already in an aisle seat.

8. Take Time to Rest

Pregnant women often get very tired, so we think that you should use your flight time to nap and relax. Wear soft and comfortable clothes, bring along a blanket and neck pillow and then unplug for a while.