Getting best seat on a plane

A better seat on a plane generally means more comfort. If you’re interested in upgrading to premium comfort, learning some tips which will help you get the best seat possible will be useful.

Today, we’d like to share eight tips which are tried-and-true ways to boost your chances of getting the type of seat that you want!

1. Book Your Seat in Advance

The smartest way to get the ideal seat is to book your preferred seat long before you arrive at the airport for check-in. We think that it’s smart to consider your likes and dislikes before you pick out a seat online…or while you’re booking a flight in some other way.

2. Rear Seats Offer More Storage

Lots of airlines board back to front (except United Airlines), so consider booking a seat at the rear of the plane. This will give you access to bin space overhead, before anyone else has a chance to access the overhead bin. Bear in mind that you’ll still need to follow rules about how much you may carry on with you.

3. Front Seats Offer a Quieter Ride

If you want a truly peaceful flight, you may minimize the amount of engine noise that you are subjected to by choosing a seat which is close to the cabin’s front. These seats are a big distance away from the jet engines.

Also, if you can’t score a first-row seat, think about an aisle seat anywhere else. Tests have shown that these seats provide quieter rides than window seats.

4. Some Seats are Better for Sleeping

If you want to sleep, go for a window seat on the plane’s left-hand side, near the jet’s middle. The windows in this area are a bit off-center and it will be easier to lay your head on the window when it’s time to doze.

5. Aisle Seat Offer the Most Legroom

Aisle seats which are found in the exit row offer the most legroom to passengers. If you want more room to stretch out, you should book this type of seat when you purchase your next flight.

6. Kids Do Best in Bulkhead Seats

Travelling with little ones tends to bring some stress. You may decrease the stress by booking bulkhead seats for you and your child. These seats give kids more space to move around and give them the capacity to sit on the floor when they want to.

However, the row that you choose for your seats should not be an exit row. Kids aren’t allowed to sit in exit rows.

7. Sign Up as a Frequent Flier

If you want to get a better seat, you’ll benefit from joining a Frequent Flyer Program which puts you in line to earn rewards points that you may redeem for more appealing and comfortable seats.

8. Front Aisle Seats are Best for Quick Disembarking

Those who want to exit planes quickly as soon as jets land should book front aisle seats. They are the best choices for quick and stress-free exits. When you choose this type of seat, you’ll be the first one off and you’ll be able to get on with your day or night a lot faster!