picking best frequent flyer rewards card

If you want to earn rewards as you fly, you will need to join a frequent flyer rewards card program. Every major American airline and most international airlines do offer these sorts of programs to their customers. However, they are not all created equal. Today, we’d like to help you find the best, by recommending some tips which will help you to choose one which offers more perks.

Look Up Rankings of Programs

Consumer Reports and other, similar websites and publications do rate frequent flyer programs regularly. Finding the latest rankings of frequent-flyer plans will help you to choose a plan which is a total winner.

Look at the Variables

You may also do your own research and this means checking out these programs online and comparing their features. Each plan will have its own system for determining point values, how they may be used and so on. Also, plans differ in terms of route numbers and destinations.

Understand How Points Programs Work

Points programs tend to reward people for booking early, such as seven months before a flight. Also, you’ll have a better choice of seats when you book very early. So, keep this in mind. Look at how early you’ll need to book with various plans and then factor that into your final decision.

Consider All Applicable Fees

Some programs may ding you with fees if you book late, rather than very early, so this is something that you should think about before you book. Obviously, the less fees, the better…and some airlines charge less than others for program-related services.

Consider Your Buying Patterns

Your buying patterns for flights will play a role in which plans are most appropriate. For example, plans which are based on dollars rather than points may not be the best choices for you. Two airlines which still utilize points are Southwest and American Airlines, so consider these airlines when you are shopping around. They aren’t the only choices and we’re not promoting them, so do some research and find the program that is best.

Think About Rewards Credit Cards

Some people avoid the restrictions in frequent-flyer plans by earning their miles via credit card purchases. Usually, a card will give a cardholder a mile each time that he or she spends a buck.

Go for Short-window Ticket Deals

If you want value for your rewards points or dollars, scout around online to find short-window ticket deals. When you jump on a great deal, you’ll get more value for your precious points or reward dollars.

Compare Deals and Decide

Once you’ve compared three or four plans and considered the tips that we’ve posted here, make the decision and apply for your preferred frequent-flyer program online. You’ll find that applying online is the easiest way to gain entrance to a program and you should be provided with a secure online portal where you may manage your account and keep track of everything, including your current points or reward dollars.