save as student on flights

Students don’t typically have a lot of money, so they often need to find ways to trim costs while they are travelling. We want to help, so we’re going to share some tips on how to fly for less. These tips are geared at students and they are designed to help budget-conscious students get more out of their travel budgets.

1. Look for Flight Deals Online

Flight deals are out there. You just need to hunt around for them online. You may check out websites which offer cut-rate flights. Some of them are just for students and they do offer access to big savings. One example is, which provides deep discounts, plus extra discounts for students. There are others out there, so be sure to look around and find the best.

2. Consider Affordable Group Travel

Travelling with a group may be very cost-effective. If you choose the right airline (Southwest is one example), you should be able to score a great deal on group travel. When you fly with this airline or another one which offers lower prices for groups, you’ll all save money. For example, you probably won’t need to pay for change fees, ticketing or booking.

3. Check Out College Resources

Some colleges have travel agencies right on campus and these agencies tend to offer excellent deals on flights for students. It’s best to check out this type of resource while you’re shopping around for a flight.

4. Consider a Standby Flight

Standby flights are less expensive options, although they do have some drawbacks. Some airlines, including AirTran, provide programs whereby students who are younger (18 to 22) are eligible for cheaper standby flights. To get this type of flight, you should book the ticket right at the airport, the same day that you want to fly. You won’t be able to check any baggage, but you’ll be allowed to take a carry-on bag with you.

5. Fly Into Secondary Airports

If you want to save money as a student, you may want to consider flying into secondary airports. For example, if you’re thinking about flying into the international airport in San Francisco, you might be able to save money by choosing to fly into a secondary airport, such as San Jose or Oakland.

6. Pack Your Own Snacks

We all tend to spend too much money on snacks and other incidentals, such as magazines to read in-flight, after we go through security at airports. It’s better to bring your own snacks, which you purchase in advance from more affordable retailers that aren’t based in the airport. You’ll save money when you shop elsewhere.

7. Take a Travel Water Bottle Along With You

It’s important to stay hydrated as you travel. When you bring a plastic sports water bottle along with you, you may fill it up at airport water fountains, rather than needing to spend big bucks on water which is sold at the airport.

8. Make a Strict Budget

Mapping out costs beforehand will help you to stay on track with your budget. If you don’t have a budget, you may overspend and end up in trouble.