mistakes when flying

If you want to enjoy stress-free flights, a little knowledge from flying experts will go a long way. Today, we’d like to help you by sharing some things not to do while you’re flying or preparing to fly. Once you know the mistakes not to make when flying, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying fewer headaches and hassles while you’re in transit.

1. Not Booking Your Seat Ahead of Time

Some people don’t bother picking a seat when they book. This is almost always a mistake! Sometimes, people end up in the worst seats, close to the bathroom, and wish that they’d selected better seats beforehand. Booking your seat early will ensure that you get what you want. Choose a window seat if you want to get some sleep onboard.

2. Not Thinking About Your Attire

It’s nice to be comfortable, but try not to slob out too much! Sometimes, planes are places to network and making a good first impression may help you with relationships and career. It’s best to balance your desire for comfort with looking good and remember that something may go wrong, such as a flight delay, which prevents you from changing into smarter clothes, post-flight.

3. Relying on Wi-Fi Availability

Wi-fi may or may not be available on a flight. If it’s important to you to have access to Wi-fi, we recommend getting the facts about whether it will be available on a specific flight before you book. If it isn’t, consider downloading files that you’ll need ahead of time, so that you’re able to work while you fly.

4. Not Picking the Right Footwear

Some air travel journeys necessitate a lot of walking beforehand or during changes to other planes. If you’re planning on wearing heels or other types of shoes which make it harder to walk comfortably, you should think again.

5. Not Double Checking Plans Before Landing

It’s best to have your plans figured out before you hit the ground after your flight. It’s good to get into the habit of double-checking things beforehand.

6. Not Brining Extra Personal Care Items

It’s smart to have a kit for freshening up in your carry-on baggage, just in case. Most women who travel a lot make sure that they have toothbrushes, deodorants, mascaras, powders, baby wipes and lipsticks. Men can stick with basic personal care items.

7. Not Arriving in Plenty of Time

Consider distance between an airport and where you’re going, think about arrival time and take traffic levels in key areas into account. These days, it’s possible to get the inside scoop on all variables online. Add a little cushion of time so you’ll be able to arrive where you need to be in plenty of time.

8. Not Bringing an Extra Tote Bag

We all tend to gather new items while we’re on trips. If you want to make sure they may be carried back, be sure to put an extra tote in your suitcase. Otherwise, you may have trouble closing your first suitcase when it’s time to pack up and go home.