flight upgrade tips

Getting a flight upgrade will give you the power to enjoy more comfort while you fly. If you want a better seat without needing to pay for the upgrade, then you’ll find our tips very practical and helpful. We are here to give you the inside scoop on how to score flight upgrades more often!

Our quick guide contains eight tried-and-true tips which smart and savvy travelers use to get the flight upgrades that they want…

1. Become a Frequent Flyer

When you join a frequent flyer plan, you’ll be able to accrue miles and points which put you in line for flight upgrades. Once you’ve enrolled in this type of plan, you will be able to move towards “Gold” or “Premier” status. When you do, you’ll be considered for costly extra seats.

Naturally, you’ll need to fly a fair bit to make this tip work, but we recommend signing up regardless of your flying frequency, as you will earn points which may be put towards an upgrade, every time that you fly.

2. Focus on Long-haul Upgrades

If you’re going to utilize your flyer points, you should make them count and this means using them for long-haul flights. You’ll find that medium and long-haul upgrades offer the most value for your points. For example, you may be able to access flat beds and other creature comforts for longer flights.

3. Dress Well for Your Flight

If you’re interested in a last-minute flight upgrade, take care with what you wear on your flying day. You’ll be less likely to get an upgrade if you’re dressed very casually, so save the flip-flops and novelty t-shirts for another occasion. Dress to impress instead, so you’ll look like a good candidate for first class.

4. Complain About Your Current Seat

We don’t think you should ever create a complaint about your existing plane seat for no reason. However, if you do have a legitimate complaint, such as the fact that your entertainment system isn’t working, letting your flight attendant know may be enough to get you an upgrade.

5. Don’t Keep a Special Occasion Quiet

If you’re travelling for a special reason, such as a honeymoon or a big anniversary, do let the check-in attendant for your flight know about it! Your candor may be rewarded with a flight upgrade.

6. Avoid the Special Meal Requests

If you want to increase the odds of getting an upgrade, you should know that a special meal request, which is submitted when a flight is booked or afterwards, will hurt your chances and may put you out of the running entirely. So, stick with the standard meal when you want to try for an upgrade.

7. Ask for What You Want

You may simply ask for an upgrade. When you do, the airline employee will likely let you know that you may pay for one. However, quite often, it’s possible to negotiate an attractive rate for the upgrade. Also, if you let the employee know that you don’t want to pay, he or she may upgrade you anyway. Be as polite as possible when you ask and afterwards. You are asking for a favor, so keep this in mind while you’re interacting.

8. Flaunt Your VIP Status

It’s true that society is impressed by power. If you have some special credential, such as being a medical doctor, professor, pro athlete or what have you, let people know. When you make it clear that you belong in first class or another higher tier of class, you may set yourself up for an upgrade.

Try for an Upgrade Today

Now that you know the best tips, why not use one or more of them to boost your chances of getting a flight upgrade?