save on flight

Flying has always been a costly affair leaving little to be desired in the way of cheap flights but for years now clever clickers have been hacking their flights, using varied techniques to out smart airlines. Of course now we have clever booking systems that search rates for us and give us the ‘best deals’. Unfortunately it isn’t the case.

1. Book each way (no round trip)

2. Book with different airlines

3. Use a search engine

Search engines such as Kayak, Skyscanner or Techlicious to name a few. They will even show some of the hack flights for you.

4. Use your browsers private mode to search for flights.

Some airlines will use your cookies to abuse your searches and will actually increase the price on the routes, if you have tried searching before and thought the price had gone up since you last looked, you were probably right. To test it, look at a flight and then go back the next day to compare the price.

5. Timing

Book as early as you can, months a head if possible. Generally speaking prices are cheaper the earlier you book and will often soar closer to the date. This is because Airlines want to force the hand of convenience and many business travellers would rather pay than be late for the meetings. On the other hand some airlines do reduce the price a few hours before the flight in a bid to fill the seats, if you are organised you can take advantage of both techniques.

6. Off-peak times

Make use of off-peak seasons and use the run up to school holidays to your advantage. Most holidays are done in the sunny season but you could save hundreds by choosing a winter period instead – do your research first. I just looked at a flight before the holidays $80 and then during the holidays $160.

7. Flight out early

Earlier or unsociable flying times are often cheaper. Research the time for the departing flight and returning flight to see if you can access cheaper flights.

8. Use a layover

Say, from Paris you get a one way to Spain and then another from Spain to Portugal. The two one ways will probably save you a few hundred dollars instead of a direct flight. The secret is to choose a destination in between your actual destination and make a day of it. Use it as part of your holiday and enjoy the sites.

It is possible to combine these points together and make your savings greater. Granted, you will have to work hard to really save yourself some money but a few hours of your time researching is worth a few hundred dollars of your money, for sure.