flying secrets

Flying secrets are facts which come from the cockpit or from other airline personnel. Today, we’d like to share these “top secrets when flying” with you. Once you’ve discovered these fun and interesting facts, you’ll feel like an insider…

1. Oxygen Masks Have Limitations

You may not realize that these masks provide just fifteen moments of oxygen access to users. Normally, this is more than adequate, as a pilot may make necessary adjustments, such as lowering the plane, so that normal breathing is possible well within fifteen minutes.

If you’re traveling with kids, place your own mask on your face first and then take care of your kids. Even if they pass out for a few seconds, they should be ok. The priority is that you, the adult, gets your mask on so you can take care of children.

2. Never Drink Bathroom Water

You should know that the water in airplane washrooms often contains parasites which are resistant to solvents. For this reason, it’s important to get your onboard drinking water from other sources. Most airlines offer bottled water to passengers or offer other forms of beverages. If you do drink water from the bathroom, it’s possible that you will ingest parasites which are harmful to your health.

3. Aircraft Paint Jobs Tell a Story

If you want to know the condition of a plane, check out its paint job before you board. If you see a paint job which looks rough, with some missing paint, it’s likely due to leaks of Skydrol, which is a hydraulic fluid. Planes shouldn’t have a lot of missing paint on their exteriors. It’s a bad sign.

4. Why Lights Dim Before Landings

Have you noticed that night landings mean that interior cabin lights get cut when planes are touching down? This is a safety precaution. If people need to evacuate, the lack of lights before landing mean that their eyes adjust to the darkness, so they’ll have an easier time seeing when they need to exit the plane quickly. This little-known fact shows how much airlines care about passengers.

5.The Truth About Lightning

Planes do get hit by lightning quite a bit. It’s true and not usually something that causes problems.

6. Pilots Have Many Powers

It’s up to jet pilots whether passengers may board if passengers cause trouble within jetways. Pilots are known as captains and they have final say about many things which happen onboard their aircraft, including who gets arrested and fined.

7. Bathrooms Have Outside Locks

You may lock yourself into a bathroom on a plane and you may also be locked out of a plane washroom. Typically, the lock is hidden under the little “no smoking” sign on the outside of the front door of the lavatory.

8. Pilots Never Eat the Same Meals

For safety reasons, pilots are served different meals onboard. It wouldn’t be good if they both had the same meals, in case of food poisoning. So, airline staff make sure that each pilot eats something different. It’s all about protecting passengers and crew during every flight.