healthiest airplane snacks

If you’re planning a flight and you want to find a healthy snack which helps you to feel your best while you’re in the air, you should know that there are lot of great choices out there. Today, we’d like to share some tips which will help you to bring along the right snacks…or buy them after you go through security. Sometimes, these types of healthy snacks are available onboard.

1. Apples are Fine Choices

An apple is inexpensive, it’s great for digestive health and it will taste great. Just try and take care to select an apple which is at just the right level of ripeness. As well, it’s so easy to carry an apple along with you. Any type of apple will make a healthy snack onboard. However, red apples are probably the most popular choices. You may want to wash your apple thoroughly before you bring it on a flight.

2. Unsalted Nuts are Healthy and Filling

When you choose unsalted nuts, you won’t provoke swelling due to sodium and you’ll get a bit of protein which helps you to feel more satiated during your flight. Most airport shops sell nuts. Be careful to find the low-sodium or no-salt versions.

3. Try Some Hummus and Pita Bread

Hummus is healthy, thanks to its legume content and other pure ingredients, including lemon juice and olive oil. However, it is made with legumes and this means that it may trigger a bit of gas. If you’re prone to gas, bring a tube of Tums along. Then, enjoy a healthy snack which gives you access to good fats from olive oil and protein from chickpeas.

4. Consider Raw Veggies and Dip

It’s simple to find pre-packaged containers of veggie and dip and these snacks are generally diet-friendly. You may also make your own at home and pack the snack up in Tupperware. Always check airline rules to find out what you may bring on board before you prepare this snack or another type of snack.

5. Think About Your Hydration

You should know that flying is very dehydrating. Since flying will dry you out and dehydration leads to fatigue, you should take care to bring pure water, as well as a healthy snack. Some people bring along sports water bottles and fill them up inflight. Expect to need more water than usual while you are in the air.

6. Energy Bars are Convenient

There are some great energy bars these days and choosing to bring a couple along with you will help you to stave off hunger and get some nutrients. Try to choose organic energy bars which aren’t loaded with sugar or other unhealthy filler ingredients.

7. Consider a Creamy Smoothie

Some smoothies are like meals in a container and they are loaded with healthy ingredients, from wheatgrass to spirulina to fresh fruit and veggie juices and beyond. If you want to access a convenient snack which also helps you to hydrate, you’ll benefit from bringing a smoothie onto your next flight.

8. Nut Butters Will Fill You Up

Nut butters, such as peanut butter and almond butter, are great in terms of boosting satiety and they are also packed with nutrients. Eat them on bread or crackers to fill up during a flight. We think that the unsalted, unsweetened nut butters are the best choices for flights.